Indian Constitution Quiz 2018

Q.1 : The name of the Union given in the constitution is

(a) India or Hindustan (b) India or Bharatdesh (c) India or Bharat (d) India or Bharatavarsha

Q.2 : Which of the following is not a condition to become a citizen of India?

(a) Naturalisation (b) Birth (c) Acquiring Property (d) Desecent

Q.3 : The concept of Public Interest Litigation originated in

(a) The United Kingdom (b) The United States (c) Canada (d) Australia

Q.4 : Which Article of the Constitution of India directs to secure Right to Work

(a) Article 14 (b) Article 36 (c) Article 56 (d) Article 41

Q.5 : Which one of the following Articles are about Right to Equality?

(a) Article 12 to Article 20
(b) Article 14 to Article 18
(c) Article 16 to Article 22
(d) Article 18 to Article 24